Welcome To Duree Barton

Celebrating More Than 30 Years of Professional Service

We Bring a Persuasive Voice to the Important Numbers!

Attorneys and their clients credit our investigative analyses, reports, and testimony as significant to the achievement of favorable settlements and trial results.

Our Principals each have approximately 45 years of diversified and relevant forensic accounting and litigation consulting experience. Courts and administrative bodies routinely recognize them as experts in numerous business fields including:

  • Lost Profits Analysis
  • Product & Service Costing
  • Business Valuation & Economic Losses Based on BV Concepts
  • Statistical Analysis & Quantification
  • Accounting & Audit Malpractice & Professional Standards Compliance

Both Duree and Barton have served as Court Appointed Special Masters.

Our clients include numerous large and not-so-large corporations, CPA firms, the SEC and PCAOB, other federal and state agencies, and individuals - all having a common need for independent expert investigation, analyses, and evaluation packaged into an understandable persuasive presentation.

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