We have provided professional services in conjunction with Chapter 7 and 11 actions, and related adversarial proceedings, including:

  • Consulting and plan evaluation on behalf of the Unsecured Creditors Committee of a Debtor-in-Possession oil and gas company.
  • Evaluation of “equivalent value” in pre-bankruptcy transactions at-issue in a preference proceeding.
  • Evaluation of the funding and operation of numerous trusts that the trustee asserted were grantor trusts and, therefore, subject to inclusion in the bankruptcy estate.  Our asset tracing, analysis, and evaluation supported the trustee’s claim.  The petitioner and trustee settled the claim with 75% of the cumulative trust value being included in the bankruptcy estate.
  • Evaluation and analysis of the personal – corporate relationship of an individual petitioner to his corporation.  The court found that the corporation and petitioner defrauded a senior citizen investor, looked through the corporation to its shareholder/officer (the petitioner), found the petitioner responsible for the corporation’s debts, and found that the debt due the adversary action plaintiff would not be discharged. 


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