Business Fraud

Fraud claims typically require investigation and analysis of the underlying facts and circumstances as a predicate to the quantification of the related damages.  Our experience includes investigation and analysis of:

  • A Ponzi scheme in which investor fraud exceeded $50 million.
  • Intentional revenue overstatement resulting in significant losses to both creditors and equity investors.
  • Falsified loan and collateral accounting resulting in a several million-dollar loss to the lender.
  • A warrant holders’ assertion of fraud when the issuer redeemed and delisted the warrants.
  • Improperly documented medical claims resulting in a significant overstatement of paid Medicaid claims.
  • Preferential liquidation and reincorporation to defraud creditors.
  • Improper valuation procedures applied in a stock-for-stock merger transaction resulting in a material overstatement of assets and equity.
  • Bank fraud resulting from an employee’s manipulation of a mortgage lender’s colateral intended as security for borrower’s “mortgage warehouse” line of credit.
  • The relationship between an individual bankruptcy petitioner to a corporation he used to defraud a senior-citizen-investor.
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