Business Valuation - Damages

Damages are, in some cases, measured by the loss of business value resulting from a defendant’s wrongful actions.  Financial Accounting Standards ASC 805 (Board Opinion No. 141) provides a recognized methodology for the allocation of business value among the business’ various identifiable tangible and intangible assets, and remainderment goodwill.

We have applied business valuation concepts to quantify:

  • The Fair Value of corporate assets and un-booked income tax benefits subject to a “Shareholders’ Separation Agreement.”
  • The Fair Market Value of a closely held clothing distributorship as required in conjunction with gifting and estate planning.
  • The Fair Market Value of a business asserted to have been greatly impaired by the plaintiff’s wrongful actions.
  • The effect of misrepresentations warranted as truthful on the Fair Market Value of an acquired business.
  • The value of an infringed trade name by reference to the defendant’s business records including the allocation of its price based on Fair Value measurement.
  • The incremental Fair Value of customers lost as a result of the defendant’s improper competitive actions.
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