Oil and Gas

We have participated in a significant variety of oil and gas related litigation, including:

  • Quantification of the amount that would have been due from/to a plaintiff asserting a long-standing but denied “farm-in” right.  Data reprocessing for nearly 20-years of field development and operation was required.
  • Determined the Fair Value of a dissenter’s ownership in an oil and gas entity (see the Dissenter’s Rights page).
  • Quantification of take-or-pay damages.
  • Quantification of lost natural gas production at the well head and at a related NGL processing facility caused by recurring compression equipment failures. 
  • Quantification of the royalty applicable to “pipeline quality gas” requiring gathering, processing, and compression to meet this standard.
  • Documentation of a natural gas field supplier’s 100% mitigation after its industrial customer gave notice and then stopped taking under a firm requirements purchase contract.  The supplier, without regard to its sale of the “released volume” at higher prices, claimed it was entitled to the “four corners” benefit of its contract.


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