Public Utilities

Duree Barton principals have been actively involved in public utility rate regulation and management issues from the mid-1970s. Such engagements include:
  • Analysis and evaluation of numerous public utility rate requests filed with state regulatory bodies, including evaluation of revenue requirements, class cost-of-service studies, rate design, cost-of-capital, fuel and energy cost recovery procedures, and the investigation of affiliated interest relationships.
  • Evaluation of more than $1 billion in claimed damages by electric utility plaintiffs as a result of their natural gas pipeline supplier's curtailment of deliveries in response to regulatory mandates requiring that alternative customers be supplied in a period of supply shortages.
  • Analysis and documentation of cost savings resulting from a multi-state utility’s use of affiliated companies for purchasing, construction, the provision of non-regulated services, and other “non-core” utility functions.
  • Analysis of original 1880 – 1920 cost of hydroelectric facilities to identify and remove several million dollars of “fair value” markups from a utility’s rate base.
  • As Special Master of the U S District Court, a management audit of a municipal gas and electric utility. Our findings and recommendations were adopted by the municipality. By agreement of the parties, the underlying litigation was dismissed shortly after our report and presentation process was complete.
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