Special Master

Federal and State Courts have designated Duree Barton principals as Special Masters.  The appointment process was initiated by the parties who considered our extensive experience and expertise in forensic accounting analysis, damage quantification, accounting and auditing, and public utility regulatory matters. Our findings and conclusions have been adopted by the appointing courts. Such engagements include:

  • Special Accounting Master - Colorado District Court –

Evaluation and reconciliation of records associated with leased equipment used by the lessor in support of foreign and U.S. government contractors. The plaintiff (lessor) claimed several million dollars in unpaid rentals. We evaluated the work of party experts, identified differences, independently investigated the cause of such differences, provided our reconciliation and draft report to the parties, integrated their comments, and issued our final report to the Court. The Court adopted our findings and favorably cited our work, analysis, and report in its Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order Entering Judgment.

  • Special Master - U S District Court - Colorado District –

Performed a Management Audit of a municipal gas and electric utility. Our findings and recommendations, which were adopted by the municipality utility board and the town board, were presented at a public meeting.  The Magistrate Judge reviewed our report, attended the public presentation, and credited our presenting principal as an ombudsman.  By agreement of the parties, the underlying litigation was dismissed shortly after our report and presentation process was complete.

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