Lost Profits

Lost profits damage claims are at the core of many business litigation matters.  In concept, lost profits is the incremental amount that would have been earned “but for” the “damage event.”  Whether working on behalf of plaintiffs or defendants, the quantification of, or response to, a lost profits claim requires:

  • Analysis and study of sales trends.
  • Consideration of the cause and effect of the “damage event” in relation to other contemporaneous facts and circumstances.
  • Seasoned judgments about how long it will take for operations, sales, and profits to return to normal.
  • Evaluation of costs saved by the reduction in sales volume.
  • The integration of these and other relevant facts into a non-speculative date-of-trial damage amount, or a well structured rebuttal response.

We have successfully quantified and presented lost profits damages, or rebutted such claims, in numerous cases.

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